Friday, March 19, 2010

AIA - Teen Talk and Other Social Skills

Teen Talk and Other Social Skills
Building Courses for Teens and Young Adults with DS
Amy Van Bergen
Typically, these are 6-8 week programs geared toward 18-Young adults
Place with a rec room, Wii game, etc.
Doesn’t all have to be structured.

Fall session 6-8 weeks. Spring Session 6-8 weeks. Four weeks is too short.

Who will facilitate it?
Most expensive WOW-em 8 week Teen Talk course will cost no more than $1000 – includes facility rental, paid instructor (s) refreshments, materials, etc. Certificates, etc.

They use a self advocate as an instructor to grow leadership amongst their self advocates.

Curriculum Ideas: Manners, Dating, Making Friends, Grooming, Coping with stress, Who am I? Relationships with Family

Ends with a sit down dinner and dance.

Instructor can’t be a parent who is participant who is doing it. Not parents are better.

You have some parents who have never told their children they have Down syndrome. Consider behavior issues. Provide opportunities for parent interactions and share curriculum with them.

Support those with the most complex needs through this.

Autism groups are all about social skills and building appropriate relationships. Connect with the Autism groups.

Easy grant yes if you can collaborate with other DS groups.

Time is generally about 1-2 hours. Weeknights seem to work better. Sunday afternoons can be ok…

They do a one time advanced training for participants.
They do it in one Central location.

How do they include non-verbal teens? Name Tag…part of peer supports are key.

Is there a teen club in Cincinnati?

Program is geared toward 18-25 year olds.

Home Depot Workshops

These are held in classrooms. Have a meet and greet that includes the parents. Let them know the curriculum, etc. What sorts of conversations they have about are dating and sexuality – appropriate is different for different people.

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