Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Dreams...

So when I first had Violette and found out about her extra 21st chromosome, I stopped having any dreams for a while - it was weird. I realized that that probably wasn't healthy, not thinking about the future and having a vision for it. After my initial shock, I started finding new things to dream about and think about.

As many of you have probably guessed, I'm not one who spends much time worrying about the future for Miss Vi - I believe that she may have a much more fantastic life than I have had. I know sometimes there is worry about "are we being realistic?" in our expectations. I wrote this in March 2009, and I still think it is realistic..

  •  I imagine that she will travel the world with Special Olympics (and take me places with her that I have only dreamed of.)
  • I dream that she will live every day of her life as if it is the "best day in the best life ever," which is a phrase I've heard many adults with Down syndrome say.
  • I dream that she will go to camp - I was never allowed to!  
  • I dream that she will be a public speaker - I love doing it, and I'd love to see her have a number of experiences doing that.  
  • I dream that she will be fluent in a second language. I never could learn - I'm giving her skills to be a good signer and I know other kids with DS go to secondary school and major in signing and deaf studies.  
  • I dream that through her life long advocacy for people with Down syndrome, something she started when she was 3 months old with an article that ran in our local people she will have helped change how the world perceives people with Down syndrome and other developmental and physical disabilities.  
  • I dream that she will be confident that she is ok as who and what she is, and that she will live in a world that values the inner person and inner beauty more than outer beauty.

What dreams do you have for your child with Down syndrome?



Team Lando said...

I dream Ellie will model - Shallow, I know, but she's a beautiful baby and will be in our local DS calendar this year.

I dream Ellie will run a marathon. I can find info on a man with DS running a full 26.2, but not a woman.

I dream Ellie will compete in Special Olympics and with her typical peers.

I dream Ellie will change perceptions of people with DS.

I dream Ellie will have a job she loves and means to live independently.

doozee said...

I love your dreams.

Becky said...

I dream as big for my daughter who has DS as I do for her sister. Until she shows me differently, I believe she will do all the things her sister will do...go to college, drive a car, live independently, marry, live a beautiful life! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are your dreams for Violet. In a few years she will tell you what her dreams are. April always wanted to be in a movie, march in the UF Homecoming parade, have a boyfriend, job, get married and live on her own. She has done all except the live on her own and get married and we know that one day she will achieve those too! susan