Friday, May 20, 2011

Links to Birth-5 Down Syndrome Education Articles

So my Ds BFF Nancy commented that she had been reviewing the information on the DownsEd site for Birth - 5. I think the DownsEd information is FANTASTIC, but I think their site navigation is VERY difficult. Sue Buckley is a mother of a child with Down syndrome, and a fantastic researcher.  The FREE Orange County Learning Program is based on Sue's methodology for teaching reading to children with Down syndrome ( We've used many of these materials with Violette.

Anyway, Nancy inspired me to see what was out on the site; I should be reviewing this information frequently - it is just that good. I've never been through everything they have on birth - 5 out there. So I copied each link below. In some cases these are overviews, and in some cases they are specifically birth - 5 focused. Glad to have them all in one place so I can review them.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Each of these landing pages is just the start of the article - if you click on the sublinks on the right hand side the articles are broken into multiple sections. If you just read the page these links direct you to, you haven't read all of the information!

Living with Down syndrome - Overview

Overview - Birth – 5

Motor Skills -Overview

Speech and Language- Birth – 5

Reading and Writing- Birth – 5

Number Skill Development- Birth – 5

Social Development (overview only)

Memory Skills (overview only)

Family Issues (overview)
Education Issues (several)



Team Lando said...

thank you!!

Jenn and Jack said...

I just printed out their See and Learn materials to work with our son Jack (30 months). Seems like it will be very helpful. Looking forward to trying it.