Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teaching Colors to My Visual Learner

One of areas where Violette has had challenges learning has been her colors (for some reason she learned shapes without much work, lol, colors have been a whole different story.)  She's got them down (almost - still have problems sometimes with Purple, ironically.)

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the MANY resources we have used to help her learn her colors. 

Home Grown Materials:
Here is a little 'game' Violette's wonderful pre-k teacher sent home for us to use.  It is a matching game, with colors. Each Square has velcro on it, and it is good for practicing matching words and colors.  The toughest ones are black and blue and purple and pink for Violette - I think she uses the visual of the words very much, so if she sees a letter B or P, she associates it with those colors.

My mother made this game for Violette for her birthday last year.  Each of these little tins is full of surprises in the same color as the tin itself.  It is a fun game for sorting, finding which is different (sometimes I'll put the wrong color in a pile - like a blue thing in the orange pile, and ask her to pull the blue one out of the orange pile.)  This 'game' is a lot of fun, and one we go back to a lot.


Red Contents:

Yellow Tin

Blue Tin


One of the benefits of being the third child is that Violette has received a number of hand-me-down learning materials of her sisters.  For the last 11 years, these four posters have been hanging in our "baby room" where Violette sleeps:

We've talked about each of the posters with each of the girls, and Violette was no exception.  Here is the color poster:

I picked these up at a bookstore somewhere along the way (I've always thought I should have framed these instead of the tape on the door, lol.  I'm lame, what can I say!)


Violette loves the Blues Clues Shapes and Color Video (a Lilianne hand-me-down):

She also loves the Signing Time "Colors of the Rainbow" from Volume 6:

Vol. 6: My Favorite Things - DVD

Series Two Vol. 12:  Box of Crayons - DVD

Learning the sign for the colors was very helpful - she still will often sign "green" before she will say it if she sees something green.


This little book from Woodbine House is great - the best part is that on the pages, there are also shapes with the color - so maybe a red square and a blue square later on in the book- this way you can check to make sure your child understands the difference in concept between shape and color.

Flash Cards:

These are great flashcards - looks like they are sold out right now at the BabyBumbleBee Site!  We love all of the BabyBumbleBee Videos - I really think they have helped with Violette's speech, especially the question video.

Colors Shapes & Patterns Flashcards

The nice thing about these cards is how strongly they support a visual learner - I've read that kids with Down syndrome do better with images of real things vs. drawings, and have found that to be true with Violette. Check out all of these "orange" objects. Each card is like this with a whole bunch of things the same color:

 So, that's it  - we spent a WHOLE lot of time at home thinking about and talking about colors, lol.  Thank goodness shapes came so much easier! Presently working on parallelogram, octagon and hexagon...



Cathy said...

LOVE the tins!!! I'm going to have to start collecting!

Team Lando said...

I'm doing my annual classroom clean-out this week. I should be asking the preK teachers to save their cast-offs for me!

Anna Theurer said...

Excellent ideas! Thank you so much for sharing

Alicia said...

we also used the tins with Elias! in our case we used shoe boxes :)
but we did a "color week", like first week was all about red... we ate in red plates, he was dressed with red clothes, we used the red shoe box, we ate red fruits/candies, etc.... at the end of the week, we put several diff colors, and ask him for the red, and so if he picked up the correct one, we switched next week to yellow and we did the same .. in the end of the week, we asked for both colors red and yellow... and so on....

Jennie said...

My favorite lesson is the set of tins your mom put together. How creative! And very sweet of your mom to do that.