Saturday, October 9, 2010

31 for 21: A day in the life

So I did a lot today. First up at the crack of dawn to take Viv (our 10 year old) to her Lyric Choir Retreat. The Choir is 5th grade to 8th grade kids, and is through the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and it is wonderful.  Then I came home, and called the doctor to see if we could fit Lilianne (our 5 year old) in at the Doctor's office - she's been feverish and not her self.  I went home after dropping off Viv, and Steve made pancakes for all of us. Took Lilianne to the doctor and she had an ear infection (second one ever, second time ever on an antibiotic!)  Lilianne and I went to pick up the perscription at Walgreens (where the pharmacy is like the Cheer's Bar to me - everyone knows my name, lol.)  Then off to the car wash, and got some cookies to take to the 5th grade parent party tonight. Then back up to where the retreat was with my mom and Violette. She loved the concert, and was very relaxed. It is so nice to take a 3 year old someplace like that and know 100% that she will behave, not run around, and not be loud.  Violette fell asleep on me during the beautiful concert, giving me the best hug ever as she did it.  When the concert was over, she bounced right awake and said "HI VIVIANNE!"  We then went down to the Down syndrome Fall party. So much fun - we saw probably 6 self advocates who helped make the party nice, bringing the food down, hiding the goodie bags for the kids, mixing with us.  We then came home, and got ready for the party, and went to the party - it was a beautiful evening in one of Vivianne's best friend's homes.

Was there Down syndrome in my day? Yes, every single day there is Down syndrome in our day. Was my day filled with medical things? Yes, but not a bit of it today had anything to do with Down syndrome or Violette (other than giving her some reflux medicine.)

Not the life I expected I would have parenting Violette and her wonky chromosome (as Vivianne calls it.)  The thing is, it is all normal, but with that little tiny special bit of something extra. Just like Violette!

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momsixtimes said...

Hey, life is never as we expected. I think it is better! Violette is adorable. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Susan