Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 for 21: I just met a normal child

I just saw a normal child.

She is a girl (or he is a boy.)

She lives in Cincinnati (or someplace in the world, or in a hospital, or on a boat, or in a shelter.)

She is Caucasian (or African American, or Asian, or a mix of ethnicities that is uniquely his own.)

She likes Spongebob (or Blues Clues, or the Nature Channel, or she doesn't watch TV, or his dad can't afford a TV.)

She has blonde hair (or black, or red, or brown, or has lost his hair.)

She has blue eyes (or hazel, or green, or brown, or she doesn't have an eye.)

She loves to play with her sister (or brother, or 16 siblings or he has no siblings.)

She lives with her natural mother and father (or grandmother, or sister, or guardian, or he was adopted.)

She loves her bunny and her baby Addy doll (or his trucks, or his teddy, or he's not particularly attached to anything.)

She likes drawing pictures (or playing soccer, or taking dance lessons, or stacking blocks, or rocking back and forth or playing with a jump rope.)

She loves to eat popsicles (or sushi, or rice, or bananas, or jello, or he is very picky and only eats cheerios.)

She may grow up and marry a man (or she may not marry, or he may be attracted to other men.)

She may struggle at school (or get straight A's, or drop out of school.)

She has Down syndrome (or no syndrome at all, or is in a wheelchair, or was born with her fingers fused together, or is autistic, or can't see, or wears a hearing aide.)

But one thing I know for sure, she is NORMAL.  Have you seen her?


Mommaluvy said...

I agree so much. There is no "normal" and I have never met a textbook child.

motherofangels said...

I've seen her! She lives in my house. He does to! I have three. And they are special!