Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gardner Publications named Family Business of the Decade for Greater Cincinnati Wow! What an honor!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

NDSC Compendium Web Links - 2009

NDSC Convention Compendium Web Links

Since Violette was born, I've followed what has gone on at the NDSC Convention. It is the Annual Gathering of the DS Community. The first year she was born, the event was in Kansas City. I bought the CD's and listened to every single presentation in my car. With over 60 Workshops, it makes for a lot of information on Down syndrome! My girls kept asking me when I'd EVER be finished with the BORING CD's!

I went to the Boston Conference last year. It was great, and I learned a lot and more importantly got to know a bunch of great people in the DS community.

This year it was in Sacramento. I didn't go, but I did get the Compendium of all of the papers. I have the CD's on order.

I always wished that there were a spot online where I could go and click on all of the links for all of the presentations. This year, I decided that I really wanted them all in once place, so I went ahead and typed them all up. They are listed below. Some of the links I'm certain don't work - please leave me a note saying which ones are wrong and I'll check to see if they are bad links and try to correct them, or if it was my own error (which is more likely!)

Math Doesn’t Have to be a Drag -The Learning Program - DownsED International’s See and Learn Program - Join one of the DownsEd International’s Discussion Lists

Join One of the Learning Program Email Lists – for anyone using LP materials – for educators - Math Worksheets

Behavior and Communication: Promoting Positive Behavior Change – The Association for Positive Behavior Support – Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and support - Rehabilitation Research & Training Center on Positive Behavior Support - Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project - The Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions – The Beach Center on Disability – Dr. Mac’s Amazing Behavior Management Advice Site - Center for Evidence-Based Practice: Young Children With Challenging Behavior - Access Autism

Improving Feeding Skills and Speech Clarity: Using Oral Motor Therapy

A Land of Opportunity: Increasing Diversity within Your Organization

Resources for African American Families – National Minority Families Down Syndrome Network

African American Parents of Children with Down Syndrome (Facebook Group)

Resources for Latino and Spanish Speaking Families

Resources for Asian American Families

Special Needs Trusts as an Advocacy Tool - Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers - National Guardianship Association

Growing Up, Growing Older, Mental and Physical Wellness in Adults with DS

Planning for Adult Communication Needs and Skills During the School Years

Volunteering and Service: Meaningful Opportunities to Foster Community, Independence and Develop Skills

DS Cognition Research: “Unprecedented” Progress and Promising New Therapeutic Strategies and Opportunities

How Current Congressional Activity and Federal Legislation Affect You

A Brave New World? Prenatal Testing and DS

Open Your Gifts: Sharing the Riches of Parenting A Child with DS – Lives Touched by Down syndrome

Employment for All: What you Need to Know about Supported and Customized Employment

Universal Design for Learning: Meaningful Access to the Curriculum for All Students

Why Not College? Start Planning Now

Comprehensive Special Needs Planning: Life Resources, Financial and Legal

Issues and Concerns during Pubescence – Guides to Growing up – Changes in You, etc. (be sure to scroll down to lesson plans for special education) – Changes in You – The Care and Keeping of You

Creating a Collaborative Environment>

5 Secrets of Effective Parents

Supporting Higher Math: Songs, Stories, Games and More – Attack Math – Attack Math, Developing Number Concepts

Personal Safety Skills, Self-Determination and Abuse Awareness>

Visual Tools & Strategies


Strategies for Teaching and Supporting Healthy Sexuality

> – Loving Touches – The Bare Naked Book – The Period Book - Out of Harm’s Way Did the Sun Shine Before You were Born? - Books Beyond Words Talk to Me

– Just Say Know – Relationship Series