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A New and Improved Down Syndrome Baby Center Blog Roll!

One of my favorite places to hang out online is the Baby Center Down Syndrome Board.  This is a group of great women who all share a love of their child (or children) with Down syndrome.  This post is a list of all of the great blogs the mom's keep, along with a little description of what they talk about on the blog! 
I hope a lot of people will use the list to find some new blogs for their own blog roll, or to find other moms who have walked a path that they may be walking in the future!  You will see the blog name, name of the blogger, and the screen name they use over on Baby Center. 

If you are looking for someone who has experience in something you are going through and don't see a match on here, let me know.  I've got a lot of contacts and we are sure to come up with someone who has experienced the same thing and would be willing to talk with you!

<Adding a note to say if you have a great blog that isn't on this list, I'm going to do a follow up with other great blogs I love - leave me a note or shoot me an e-mail with a description of your blog and I'll add them to that post - I will link to that list here!>

Drum roll, is our Blog Roll! , Ilisa, dpmom3
I have a little resource center on there that targets what my experiences have been: mainly nursing and heart defect related and just life in general.  newlyb-rest
After having my boy 10 years ago, I welcomed my little princess. My blog is mostly about discovering the blessings my baby girl born with Down Syndrome is bringing to my family.  Amy, AmysMiracles
SAHM to three, our youngest diagnosed with DS post-natally. Blog about family and raising children with and without designer genes. Jennie, JenMSU
The crazy life of a Christian family with three boys (Nathan 5, Micah 3, and Matthew 2), one of whom sports an extra perky and pesky 21st chromosome. "We" have survived duodenal atresia, AV Canal repair, G-tube, GJ-tube, toxic shock syndrome, and a few more minor medical issues. We did have a prenatal diagnosis and I struggled fairly openly on my blog during those early days and forward. Cassie, casslong
Forever changed by the beauty of Down Syndrome, this is the story of a NICU nurse and her family as they learn, adjust, embrace, and accept how beautiful life can and will be- even though it is a little different than expected. Despite feeding problems and a Ventricular Septal Defect, Audri Beth will inspire and surprise us all...just you wait!, Patti, oregonmotherof9
Blogging about life as a proud stay-at-home Mommy and born-again Christian. This blog chronicles life with10 beautiful children, the youngest of which has a magical extra chromosome. Advocacy and adoption awareness are also subjects of this lovely blog. Ria, billandria
I am a stay-at-home mom to Matthew (2007, born with Down syndrome) and Elizabeth (2010). I share lots of helpful information as I write about the joys we celebrate and the challenges we face, sharing our experience with toys (in my toy reviews), reading, ear issues, food aversion, sibling dynamics, therapy, school, advocacy, and more. I also write book/DVD reviews, featuring mostly Down syndrome-related books, articles, and DVDs that I have read or watched. Libby, *MotherHen*
A story of life. A life blessed with some tears, mostly laughter and an abundance of grace. A story of family, motherhood, Christianity, raising three boys, one with Down syndrome, and whatever else comes to mind. Carolyn, kiwiaussie Emily, Em080
I am a teacher turned stay-at-home mom from Wisconsin chronicling the trials of raising three young children, one with Down syndrome and a repaired AVSD. I write frequently about our successful breastfeeding journey despite the odds as well as current advocacy issues. Meriah, doozee
A deaf, raised-abroad, stay-at-home, crunchy, disability-activist, Baha'i mom chronicles life. Writing with photos about disability (primarily deaf-ness and down syndrome), faith, art, the joys of potty training, struggling with binky-envy and other such things. Nancy, Reader1234
This blog gives expectant parents waiting for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome the opportunity to hear from the Down syndrome community about topics related to pregnancy, delivery, emotions, raising a child with Down syndrome, and many other topics. Laura, jtkkmom
Here is a quote from my first post: "I made my first promise to my newborn daughter that night. I told her that one day she would amaze everybody. I believed it with all my heart, yet I never imagined that a short 3 years later I would be writing this post. I never doubted that she would show the world what an incredible person she would be.....but I had no idea that I would be the one who is the most amazed."  My blog is about the slightly different path that we have chosen in raising our daughter with Down syndrome. I am going include videos of her reading the alphabet at 2 & reading books at 3.5 years. I am hoping to inspire new parents to have high expectations for their children. Anna, HugYourNP
Follow Ellie Bear's antics, development, triumphs, and challenges along with her SAHM and former Pediatric NP mom, engineer dad, 2 feisty cats, and a hyper border collie. Some medical information and inspirational stories about others blessed with the extra special chromosome are included. Melissa, shininglamp
A Baha'i mom discusses life as a mother to a daughter with familial translocation Down syndrome and a repaired AV Canal. Musings on the Baha'i faith, goings on in the Down syndrome world, and the occasional knitting brag.  Crista, VTMommaBean Sonia, navywifemomof3  Jennifer, crazycrustacean
Starts off with finding out the news of Sean's DS at 28 weeks pg and rediscovering life because of it. The blog has evolved from mourning who my son was supposed to be to celebrating who he is and the life we live. It's very real & honest and sometimes very dark. It's also fun & creative. You get to see how his big sister couldn't care less how many chromosomes he has and how much fun they have together. Of course you get to see Rob & me evolve as parents of 2 very different, very cute & lovable kids. Jaime, jt1982
A blog about a lesbian family waiting for their son to be born. He was diagnosed with down syndrome at 21 weeks. Jill, LadyEowyn Alainasparents  Brandi, michaelandbrandi Kelly, CallMeKel
A weekly diary of Kaetlyn's progress through the first year of her life (she has DS), written from her viewpoint. (And beyond, hopefully when we get there :)) Sharing ups and downs and triumphs and milestones. Not necessarily focused on DS, more written to keep friends and family in the loop and so I don't ever forget this amazing year. We hope it shares what a joy and blessing she is to our family. jedmunds02
This blogger describes her dd Kylee's heart issues and surgery - she had a full repair for Tetralogy of Fallot and Atrioventricular Canal Defect. She also has issues with aspiration. Now, she generally discusses Kylee physically and developmentally. Kelly, kellymaureen622
Full-time working mom of 3 children (one in heaven and one with DS) and all the craziness that comes with it! Kate, zilkakatt
Keeping up with Quinnlan & Remy - tales of two brothers, their many adventures, and the parents who are lovin' every minute of it.  Wendy, wlankford75
A blog about my life as a stay-at-home mom/type A overachiever. I talk about my life with my 3 adopted guys (hubby and 2 little ones), my projects, and my faith. Kristin, kandkb
A blog our family started shortly after Liam was born and before his first OHS to keep family and friends updated on his progress. What we didn't know way back then what an amazing support it would be to us, almost a lifeline while we went through some complications following his surgery and the days spent in the hospital while Liam was fighting so hard to make it. We decided to keep up with the blog following his surgery and it has almost turned into a virtual "baby book" of sorts for Liam, and now his little sister! Kayla, PrincessKCRoo
Teacher turned SAHM to a beautiful boy who happens to have a rare form of Down syndrome. My blog chronicles everyday life, the joys(and struggles) of raising a child with Down syndrome and promotes education and awareness regarding DS.  Meriah, doozee  Laura, MissFancyPants
 I am the mom of 2 wonderfully close sons. Adam is 25 and Jakey is 10 and has Down syndrome. I have recently and happily separated from my husband, who is a terrific dad … although it is exciting to be moving forward, it is a major life upheaval for all. Mostly, I am trying to remember who I used to be. I am lucky enough to work at home — there’s nothing like working in your pjs. I blog about my life thinking someone may actually find it interesting. If not, feel free to tell me so but please be gentle. Melissa, Lallybroch Lexi, magnusson0825
A mostly honest, sometimes humorous, very squishy look into real life as a mom of 3 boys and 1 girl. It's about autism, it's about Down syndrome, it's about the things that keep me sane (like crafts and good friends) in an insane home. Stephanie, shareislam Sheva, alisheva
A blog about my shtub (home). I'm a stay at home Jewish Chassidic mom raising 3 kids and one husband. We take everyday as a new adventure.... I talk about my kids and how I love them to pieces, I talk (a lot) about my youngest having Down syndrome, and other days about my chronic disease that can knock me on my tush, and barley go noticed on other days. We also like to craft here, so a little of that too! Christan, crissy2905
My blog is about my kids and my family. It is focused a little on Ds. Its mostly for showing the going ons in our home. Donna, momtomissk
My writing is about our journey with T21 and all the blessings our lives bring. I have 2 children with the same heart condition, Tetralogy of Fallot. Katie also has a dx of Infantile Spasms. (seizures) Ann, atjtnt
I'm a SAHM to 6-year old Nate and 33-month old twins, Caleb and Maggie. We got Caleb's Down syndrome diagnosis after he was born. He had open-heart surgery on 9/3/08. My three little birds are amazing. Adrienne, sophie&blitz  Susan, PDXSusan
An Anthony-centric look at the wacky adventures of our family. Anthony started off life with hydrops and a 3-month NICU stay, but he wasn't about to let that get in his way. Shauna, mutherbyrd
Ramblings about whatever crosses my mind in relationship to Reagan, Down syndrome and learning about many things medical and spiritual., Tara, momlakes
Mom of the super seven writes mostly about the ups & downs of Down syndrome, from a faith based perspective. Erin, montanabound57
How one tiny Chromosome launched our family onto a journey of faith, photography and compassion. I am a 26yr old Jesus lovin' wife and mother to two beautiful boys... My blog follows our everyday happenings, therapy musings, the sticky stuff in life and obnoxious staged photo shoots :) Since our pre-natal diagnosis my heart is for the ones who are waiting to meet their child with Down Syndrome... Erin, Mtn_girls
Occupational therapist, and mother of two girls (older with T21), shares whatever is on her mind regarding parenting, advocacy, Down syndrome, therapy, daily life, and straddling two worlds. Tera, Mum-2-2-girls
I am a military wife of a deployed soldier and have a two and three year old as well as our newborn :-) Tracy, MyBeautifulDisaster
An often tongue in cheek blog. I start with our surprise pregnancy after years of fertility treatment, and more surprises with a positive prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. I don't spout my Christian views, rather I "season my speech with the word of God as you would your food with salt." But I also call a spade a spade, especially when writing about my two older children with Autism. I write about daily life raising three special needs children. Tiffany, tnt111
Reflections on my life with my firecracker of a daughter who dances through life and flaunts that bonus chromosome. I regularly have guest bloggers and opportunities on to support us as a special needs community!! jakeswife
Bringing up the kids internationally: anecdotes and observations from an anglo-american couple who move around the world and whose family happens to include a perfect little girl with Down syndrome.  Christie, one+twins=3boys
Blogmom to 3 boys, including a set of fraternal twins (one of whom was born with Down syndrome and diagnosed post-natally) shares her musings on life in general and loving and raising a child with Down syndrome. Tricia, teal915
Stay at home mom of 3 blogging about every day shenanigans and experiences raising a princess diva 4 year old, off the walls energetic 3 year old, and sweet baby girl with Down syndrome. I'm proud of our blended family, including my 14 year old step-son, our faith, and our beautiful life.  lambfox7

Everyday life of our family. We take pictures of our outings to local parks and farms, and also of what they're doing when the house gets too quiet! Focused on kids, animals, and books, with an occasional musing on Down syndrome.  Brenda, LulaBelle-n-Fia

A blog about living life, loving people, and finding adventure and joy in everything. Wife to an adoring husband and stay-at-home-crafty-momma to three girls, the youngest having that magical chromosome. This blog is not Down syndrome exclusive, but it does touch on many of the issues that arise as a result of lovin' on my girl. *Medical- Hirschsprung's Disease and Strabismus, both corrected with surgery.  Susanna, veritysmama

The blog of an unapologetically Christian home-educating mom who has an eclectic writing style and ten children so far. Starts with the mid-pregnancy news of Down syndrome and heart defect, all the way through to birth, congestive heart failure, NG tube, urgent open heart surgery (complete AV canal and PDA), long-term feeding difficulties w/ eventual breastfeeding success, and a surprise journey to international adoption. Katie, NewMommy_Jack's  Julia, JuliaHarrison

Not Down Syndrome exclusive, its a blog about life, love, and motherhood. It's about taking all that your given and letting it shape you into something different and better. It's advocacy just by being. Not necessarily a Ds Blog to gain medical insight as our only significant dx was Tracheal Malacia. Erin, morris1403
Blogging the always busy and always interesting lives of four kiddos, the youngest having Down syndrome. Honest information regarding our experiences during the pregnancy (prenatal diagnosis) and how life has changed/or not changed since the birth of our son. Nicole, edamommie
A blog from a full-time working mom's world about her loves in life as she celebrates parenting 2 young girls and the beauty she sees in her world. Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome post-natally. We often discuss her therapy, development, medical issues (including duodenal stenosis, moderate dysphagia and a ventricular septal defect) and inclusion in her typical preschool class. Additional disability resources, advocacy and informational links are maintained on our site.  Signe, GABGAV1  Kelli, rnkellit  Cindie, beauty3551

My blog is about having a prenatal dual diagnoses of T21 and EHK at our age of 21 and meeting my precious boy. It also includes our struggles with his OHS and complications, along with his triumphs and our decision to give him a sibling. Robin, triponmtrain
This blog follows the adventures of Megan and her big bro, Myles. Megan has DS and had heart surgery in May 2010 (AV Canal). This blog does include information and pictures about surgery and post-op experiences.  Erin, eringal
My blog is about our entire family, though I focus a lot on Lucas and his development. The other focus is about photography and taking photos of my children that I can cherish forever. Soon I will be focusing on his ST because this is an area that is most delayed for him. Amy, wlknh2o
A blog to celebrate the beauty, bumps, and bruises that my family and so many others experience from day to day. Though we are often refreshed by the beauty that life has to offer, we grow mostly from life’s bumps and bruises. We should embrace them all because they make us who we are. Julie, Hoot262
The blog that took me 2 years to start because I was scared of what people might say, but with several gentle proddings from people after micro-blogging on BBC and FB, I took the plunge. This is the current story of our family of four: me, my husband, my son Kai and my daughter Lilah sprinkled with historical posts from the last two years. Those include going through Kai's open heart surgery for an AV Canal and Coarctation of the Aorta at 10 weeks and through the learning process that has brought me to the over-filled heart of pride I now have for Kai. Also included are posts of me finding my way, on a delicate tightrope, to help other families that have a diagnosis before birth(usually through word of mouth from friends)or at a surprise births where I work, in a large Children's Hospital in the level 3 NICU and also for friends on BBC, FB and IRL. Kai has inspired the passion in me that I have been looking for all my life but could never quite put my finger on. Sandi, Dragon73
"Welcome To Our House" is a blog written by a Police Officer Mom about our journey discovering - living, learning and loving a life combined with Down syndrome. The blog was originally put together to help chronicle the events in our son's life and to help me with writing the book, "Welcome to Our House". Because we knew of our son's diagnosis before birth, it allowed me to direct the blog to help educate the public about Down syndrome, provide resources about Ds and a portal to providing support to and for anyone interested. The blog contains day to day real issues, medical & heath, toy reviews, Development & Early Intervention, videos and photos surrounding our journey. The blog is also where anyone can purchase books I have already written about Down syndrome. Missy, viviannesmom
You are here! A smattering of Down syndrome, prenatal diagnosis observations, and all of the things I find interesting about people with an extra copy of the 21st Chromosome. Oh, and lots of cute stuff and silly videos about the Amazing Violette Hope!


Ilisa Ailts said...

Thank you! I am sorry I didn't get a little description on my blog: I have a little resource center on there that targets what my experiences have been: mainly nursing and heart defect related and just life in general.

The list looks great, what a wonderful resource you are!

Meriah said...

Thanks for compiling this, Missy! We are such a gorgeously diverse bunch, aren't we?!

Patti said...

Oh, I love this list! Can't wait to go follow some new blogs I didn't know about- thank you thank you, Missy!!

Beth said...

I have a 3yr old daughter with Down syndrome and blog at

Carrie with Children said...

Hi there! I found your site via Twitter this morning. My seven-month old daughter has Down Syndrome and my blog is

I'm excited to explore all the sites you've listed. It looks like there is a great community of support within everyone! I'm now following your blog too!

Ria said...

wonderful list!

Anonymous said...

What a list! Thanks for putting this together!


M.Hilton said...

Love the list! Could you add mine so I can connect with the others too? - a journey with two little boys, one of which has down syndrome and an awful lot of joy!

CJ said...

Ooooh oooh!! I want on!!'s mom and the amazing Down syndrome traveling afghan! Check out tons of "our" kids with one common tie that binds...Down syndrome!

Krista said...

Thanks for the list...I love blog surfing. Could you add ours?
One Beautiful Life is simply about making the most of where we find ourselves at, now. I talk about creativity and photography, but most of all life with my beautiful kids, Jakob and Ella with the designer genes.

Rick said...

Hi my wife and I love this blog! We are just getting started with a blog about our life with our 4 year old princess. Please add to your list and thanks for all of your great work.

Becca said...

Hi! Just found this through the blogs post on I'm excited to find even more that I don't already read - love the Ds blogs! Mine is - my daughter, Samantha, is almost 5. I'd love to be added!

Alison Darty said...

I don't post as often as I'd like, but I would love to be added to the list!

gretchen said...

Hi there, I couldn't find a link on your blog to contact I am posting a comment. I am obsessed with blog surfing and the Baby center down syndrome group lately! My boy is 11 months (T21), first baby, and so I am just discovering the world with my little cutie. I have a blog that if you wanted to add to your list, you could:

Julian's Journey: Life as We Know It

Psychojenic said...

Hi. I couldn't find the email link to contact you either. My name is Jen and I write Down Wit Dat.

"PsychoJenic is a Mom, a Psychiatric Nurse and a hack photographer all wrapped up in a 5’10″ ball of random creativity. She is the mother of three beautiful children: a boy and a set of boy-girl twins... one of which just happens to have an extra chromosome. These are her adventures."