Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Center Down Syndrome Message Board Blog Roll

I get a lot of helpful information from the mama's over at Baby Center's Down Syndrome Board. It is so nice having, oh, over 100 friends who have children with Down syndrome who are right around Violette's age, all across the country.   It is great knowing what other kids with Down syndrome are doing who are around her age, what they do in therapy, what sort of services they get, etc.!  It makes everything so much easier having a circle of support like this!

Here is a list of all the blogs for many of my friends over there

Name of the Blog, Blogger, BC Name
http://justjackjack.blogspot.com/  Brandi,  michaelandbrandi
http://mooscrossing.blogspot.com/  Melissa, Lallybroch
http://www.skiingthroughlife.wordpress.com/  montanabound57
http://www.ourthreelittlebirds.blogspot.com/  Ann, atjtnt
www.missfancypants.wordpress.com/  Laura, MissFancyPants
http://tjsstory81408.blogspot.com/  Cindie, beauty3551
www.taylorvillethree21.blogspot.com   Christie, one+twins=3boys
http://muslimmamadsblog.blogspot.com/  Stephanie, shareislam
http://www.littleliamburns.blogspot.com/  Kristin, kandkb
www.kellehampton.com/  Kelle
http://www.theblessingofverity.com/  Susanna, veritysmama
http://jillellingson.wordpress.com/  Jill, LadyEowyn
www.triponthemtrain.blogspot.com/  Robin, triponmtrain
http://billandria.blogspot.com/  Ria,billandria
http://www.thetaooftulips.wordpress.com/  Nicole, edamommie
http://www.swissfamilycarter.blogspot.com/  jakeswife
http://www.unforeseengifts.blogspot.com/  Erin, eringal
http://www.mamamommyme.blogspot.com/  meriah, doozee
http://welcometoourhouse-myjournal.blogspot.com/  Sandi, Dragon73
http://www.blessingsandglory.wordpress.com/  Libby, *MotherHen*
http://wwwourunexpectedjourney.blogspot.com/  Adrienne, sophie&blitz
http://gettingdownwithnate.blogspot.com/  Crista, VTMommaBean
http://tenderspringshoots.blogspot.com/  lambfox7
http://theupsideofdownsyndromethatis.blogspot.com/  Signe, GABGAV1
http://yomammamamma.blogspot.com/  Missy, viviannesmom
http://bloggerssyndrome.blogspot.com/  Carolyn, kiwiaussie
http://www.hapagirlhapafamily.blogspot.com/  Sonia, navywifemomof3
www.thegreskofamily.blogspot.com/  Katie, NewMommy_Jack's


Ann said...

Thanks for doing this!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for putting this list together!