Saturday, September 20, 2014

Down syndrome wedding videos

For a while after Violette was born, I focused on the things that she and we were going to miss, and it made me sad.  As she has grown up, I've become much less concerned about all of that - I realize that she will have her own life, and it may be different than how mine looks, but it can still be very very good and make her very happy.

One of those early things I thought she might never experience was love and marriage.  Almost everything I've ever found that I had originally thought would "never" happen (both things I cared about, like weddings and things I don't so much, like getting a tattoo) I've found examples of in the real world.  I've been collecting a few videos over the years of couples where one or both individuals have Down syndrome.   There are many different types of adult relationships where Down syndrome is concerned, and like many things with Down syndrome, there is some "extra" involved for the individuals and their parents.  Things like retaining benefits, living supports, and more can complicate relationships.  Adult relationships are now a part of the National Down Syndrome Congress Conference program.  But in the end, for couples in love with a supportive family, they figure out a way.  If you haven't watched Monica and David the movie, it is really worth looking at.

I hope you enjoy these.  Feel free to post any others that you read about or see.

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Anna Theurer said...

Thank you for sharing! My Aunt never got married, but she did have a long term boyfriend and got to experience that "romantic" love <3