Tuesday, October 20, 2009

31 for 21 - 21 Things About Violette That Have Nothing to do with Down Syndrome

1. She has great hair
2. She likes Elmo
3. She likes Toy Story and thinks the aliens are funny
4. She likes to play with the doll house
5. She loves books
6. She love to draw with pens
7. She loves to draw with markers
8. She loves to draw with crayons
9. She loves to play with her magnadoodle
10. She thinks it is funny to brush her teeth, and reminds me to do it every night
11. If she wants something she yells MMMMIIIIIIIIIINNNNNE - one of her best words
12. She likes to kiss everyone good night before she goes to bed
13. She loves her preschool and knows all of the routines
14. She loves helping out around the house, including washing veggies and putting the clothes in the drier
15. She doesn't like when the doctor checks her ears, or if we get near them
16. She thinks the word "snuffleupagus" is funny
17. She likes Pirates Booty
18. She really likes popsicles
19. She enjoys the Hokey Pokey and any music that involves action
20. She can say doot doot dora and BackPack and LOVES to watch DORA
21. She sleeps with a little soft pink bunny blanket that looks alot like this one

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I love her bunny! I think I want one...