Wednesday, October 7, 2009

31 for 21 - What Vivianne Thinks

Today, a few words from my almost 10 year old daughter Vivianne about her cousin, and sister. She entered this in an essay contest about living saints:

My name is Vivianne and my living saint my cousin, Joseph.

Joe is in the 4th Grade. He was born with a Mitochondrial Miopothy. That’s when you have trouble with strength in your muscles.

Here are a few reasons why he is my saint. First, when he was born the doctors said that they weren’t sure he would be able to talk or walk but guess what! So far he can talk and he can walk and he has now he has successfully locked my grandfather off of his computer. He is amazing using a computer – better than I am!

And in July of 2007 I had a sister and she has Down syndrome and I’m so used to having someone who’s a little different, I sometimes forget she has Down syndrome!

And I feel as though Joe showed me that just because you are different on the outside you are the same on the inside
That is why Joseph is my saint.

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