Monday, October 12, 2009

31 for 21 - DSAGC

You know the Buddy Walk? Well, all of the proceeds from the walk go to the DSAGC - the Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati. I was told early on that if you have a child with Down syndrome, one of the best places for him or her to be born is Cincinnati Ohio. That is in large part due to the DSAGC.

We had Martha, the one woman welcome wagon of DSAGC, come to our home 3 days after we brought Violette home from the hospital. She told us so many wonderful things about what to expect from Violette. She gave us materials for us, for our parents, for our children, for our family and for our friends. She guided us. She comforted us. She has a grandson with Down syndrome - so we knew we could trust that what she was saying was true. She told us not to change our plans because of Down syndrome - not one plan, not one dream. That was wonderful advice.

DSAGC runs so many wonderful programs that will span Violette's life - from early age programs, to programs for people with a prenatal diagnosis, to programs for school aged children to programs for adults DSAGC focuses on the needs of people with Down syndrome and their families.

They also run something of an adoption clearing house, maintaining a list of over 200 families waiting to adopt a child with DS.

They also provide supports to teachers, and doctors with current information about what Down syndrome is all about.

I joined the Board of Directors for this group earlier this year, after having been a member of their marketing committee. It has been so rewarding to be a part of DSAGC. They are wonderful.

We always look forward to DSAGC events. They are our new wonderful extended family. And as Martha says "Down syndrome is like a club that you never thought you would ever want to be a part of, but once you are in that club you never EVER want to leave it." That pretty much sums up our experience.

Here is a lovely little video that DSAGC created. I know several of the families in the video!

The Journey Ahead from Christian Appleby on Vimeo.


Amy said...

I was in Cinci this past weekend for a wedding. I wish I would have known the Buddy Walk was Sat. I would have come down to see all the precious children there!

I've only heard wonderful things about DSAGC and the great medical community for individuals w/Ds. We lived there in the 90s. I LOVE Cinci!

datri said...

It's funny, when Kayla was first born, one of Laurie's teachers had just moved to NY from Cinti and had an older sister with DS and was very active in the DSAGC! Talk about people being put right in your path on this journey!

I'll have to make sure to drop you a comment next time we're in Ohio. We usually go to Cinti for something.